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91.3% public charging stations in China are running by 9 operators only

"The market is in the hands of minority"

 Since the charging stations become one of the “China New infrastructure Project”, the charging station industry is very hot in recent years, and the market enters into high-speed developing period. Some Chinese companies increased the investment, gradually there are big operation platform, which are occupying the vast majority of the market share.

According to Guotai Junan Industrial Research Center released by the industry observation report shows that there are 9 charging platform, which are running over ten thousand charging stations. They are TGOOD :207K, Star Charge: 205K, State Grid 181K, YKCCN: 57K, EV Power; 26K, ANYO Charging: 20K, Car Energy Net: 15K, Potevio: 15K, ICHARGE:13K. All the chargers from these 9 charging operation platform are occupying 91.3% of the total charging stations. The other operators account for 8.4% of the total chargers. It is worth mentioning that WEEYU is cooperating most of the operators.

"Short-term cost shall not become the barrieres of long-term developmen"

Because the entry threshold of charging pile industry is not very high, behind the fanaticism, there are some risks. Because of saving cost, some charging stations manufacturers are fabricating the charging station by assembling them only and their core components are from different suppliers. Short-term costs are low, but the risks are high from a long-term operational perspective. As the technology updated and iterated, after a year or two of use, after-sales and upgrading cannot be carried out by the suppliers. Once the product has some problems and becomes unstable, there will be harmful to the operators. If only price is concerned, everybody knows the consequence. So the short term cost shall not become the barriers of long term development.

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Post time: Jan-21-2021

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