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Guide for Operators :

What is OCPP?

Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) is simply a communication protocol used to communicate between a networked charging station and a network management system, the charging station will connect with the server of the network management system by using same communication protocol. OCPP was defined by an informal group known as the Open Charge Alliance (OCA) led by two companies from the Netherlands. Now there are 2 versions of OCPP 1.6 and 2.0.1 are available. Weeyu now can also supply the charging stations support OCPP. 

How is our charging station connect with your APP?

As the charging station and the network management system (your app) shall communicate through the OCPP, so our charging station will connect with the central server of your app, developed based on the same OCPP version. You just send us an URL of the server, then the communication will be made.

The charging speed of different level of charging stations?

The hourly charging energy value is consistent with the smaller value between the power of the charging station and the onboard charger.

For example, a 7kW charging station and a 6.6kW onboard charger can theoretically charge an EV with 6.6 kWh power energy in one hour.

How do I install charging stations?

If your parking space is close to a wall or pillar, you can purchase wall-mounted charging station and install it onto the wall. Or you could purchase a charging station with floor-mounted accessories.

Can I order and operate multiple charging stations for business?

Yes. For commercial charging station, the location selection is pretty important. Please inform us your commercial plan, we can provide professional technical support for your business. 

What shall I do first to start my charging stations business?

First, you could find a parking lot suitable for install charging stations and a power supply of sufficient capacity. Second, you could build your central server and APP, developed based on the same OCPP version. Then you can tell us your plan, we will be at your service

Can I remove the RFID card function?

Yes. We have the special design for customer who don’t need this RFID function, when you are charging at home, and other people can not access your charging station, no need to have such function. If you purchased a charging station with RFID function, you also can adjust the data to ban the RFID function, so the charging station can automatically become plug & play

Fast charging station connector types?
AC charging station connector

US standard: Type 1(SAE J1772)

EU standard: IEC 62196-2, Type 2

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FAQ (1) 

DC charging station connector

Japan standard: CHAdeMO

US standard:

Type1 (CCS1)

EU standard:

Type 2 (CCS2)

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 FAQ (1)

 FAQ (1)
What support can I get from you?

Once you have questions about EV charging, please let us know at any time, we can provide professional technical support and excellent products. Besides, we also can give you some commercial advice about how to start the business basing on our existing experience.

Can we only purchase the components from you? I will assemble by ourselves.

Yes. If you have professional electrical engineer and enough assembly and test area, we can provide technical guide to assemble the charging station and test rapidly. If you don’t have professional engineer, we also can provide the technical training service with reasonable cost.

Can I customize the design of the charging stations?

Yes. We provide professional OEM/ODM service, the customer only needs to mention their requirement, we can discuss the customized details. Normally, the LOGO, color, appearance, internet connection, and charging function can be customized. 

Guide for end users :

How do I charge my cars?

Park the electric car into place, turn off the engine, and put the car under braking;

Pick off the charging adapter, and plug the adapter into the charging socket;

For “plug-and-charge” charging station, it will automatically enter the charging process; for “swipe card-controlled” charging station, it needs to swipe card to start; for APP-controlled charging station, it needs to operate mobile phone to start.

What should I do if I cannot pull out the charging guns?

For AC EVSE, usually because the vehicle is locked, press the unlock button of the vehicle key and the adapter can be pulled out;

For DC EVSE, in general, there is a small hole at a position under the handle of the charging gun, which can be unlocked by inserting and pulling the iron wire. If still unable to unlock, please contact the charging station staff.

How do I select the type of charging stations?

If you need to charge your EV at anytime and anywhere, kindly please purchase the power adjustable portable charger, which can be placed in your car boot.   

If you have personal parking space, please purchase a wallbox or floor mounted charging station.

How far can I drive my EV on a single charge?

The driving range of EV is related to the battery power energy. Generally, 1 kwh of battery can drive 5-10km.

Why do I need a charging station?

If you have your own EV and personal parking space, we strongly recommend that you purchase a charging station, you will save a lot of charging costs.

How long does it take to charge my EV?


Where I can charge my EVs ?

Download an EV charging APP, follow the map indicate of APP, you can find the nearest charging station.

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