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After 24 years’ hard working and efforts, we find our target and mission, to provide competitive products and create maximum value for our customers.

Satisfied Customer

After 24 years of developing, every single customer’s satisfaction become our company value. Make our customer great is making us great. 

Innovation and Excellence

The innovation is throughout our whole history, we are keen on creation and innovation to make our product and service excellent.

Hard Working

All employees of Injet New Energy have a tradition of hard work from the beginning of the company's establishment. Working hard and living happily are our life principles.

Sincere and Trustworthy

We are honest and sincere to each client. Not only our products , also our company is trustworthy. 

Efficient Execution

 In every process and department, the efficiency cooperation and execution is most important in a company, especially in a factory. 

Unity and Cooperation

We believe that single person’s effort is limited, but with all people’s effort, we can do anything. So unity and cooperation is always our company faith and value. 


For People

Customers are our friends and partners, so we are constantly listening to them. We always provide professional advice and assistance from the perspective of customers, and firmly adhere to correct and useful concepts to help customers win market opportunities. As a member of our team, employees spend most of their time every day, and we are always striving to create a better working environment, better benefits and better growth opportunities for our employees.

For Cities

We are committed to helping create clean, energy-efficient and eco-friendly cities. We care about the reduction of energy consumption in our daily work and life. We set up electric vehicle charging stations outside the workshop to encourage employees to drive electric vehicles and reduce carbon emissions.

For Environment

We concentrate on researching and developing innovative, sustainable and new technology to make our products more energy saving and efficient. We provide these products and solutions to help people live simply, smartly, comfortably and eco-friendly. We commit ourselves to built greener, cleaner, and more beautiful earth, as well as help people to do so.

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