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Experiencing the Assembly Process of Charging Stations with Injet New Energy

Thinking about diving into the electric car world? Well, hold onto your seats because we're about to charge up your knowledge with some electrifying insights!

First off, let's address the burning questions that zap into your brain the moment you consider buying an electric ride:

Are public charging stations going to drain my wallet dry?

Can I play handyman and set up my own charging station?

What's the scoop on the guts of these charging stations? Are they safe?

Do all electric cars play nice with the same charging stations?

And most importantly, will I be twiddling my thumbs forever waiting for a charge?

Well, folks, the answer lies in the heart of the charging piles.

puzzles that arise when considering buying a EV car

Enter Jeremy, the intrepid reporter from ChengduPlus, on a mission to uncover the secrets of the electric realm. We whisked Jeremy off to Injet New Energy's charging post production factory for a firsthand look at the electrifying assembly process.

Now, buckle up because Injet New Energy isn't playing small ball. They're cranking out a mind-boggling 400,000 AC chargers and 12,000 DC chargers. Picture this: in a bustling metropolis like Chengdu with its 20 million souls and half a million electric rides, there are only 134,000 charging stations. But with Injet's production power, they could electrify the entire city in just 4 months flat!

Jeremy got an exclusive backstage pass to witness the birth of an AC EV charger. Step into the dust-free workshop, and you're greeted with a six-step symphony of assembly:

Step one: Shell check, waterproof seal, and slap on the nameplate.

Step two: Wire up, inspect, and pass the baton.

Step three: Cable wrangling and sensor fitting, ensuring everything's snug as a bug.

Step four: More cable action, this time with a focus on precision positioning.

Step five: Cable organization and panel attachment for that finishing touch.

And last but not least, the quality control squad swoops in for the final inspection, weeding out any wonky chargers before they hit the streets.

Injet New Energy product line

But wait, there's more! Before these babies roll out, they endure a battery of tests - think extreme temperatures, pressure checks, and even a salt spray showdown. All to ensure they meet the gold standard of safety and quality.

And speaking of standards, Injet's got the trifecta: CE, RoHS, REACH and UL certification, making them a hot commodity not just at home but across the pond in Europe and North America.

Now, let's talk numbers. China's charging pile-to-car ratio is 6.8, while Europe's lounging comfortably at 15 to 20. Translation? There's a whole lotta room for growth overseas, and Chinese-made charging piles are leading the charge. In fact, Alibaba's got the stats to prove it - a whopping 245% surge in overseas sales of new energy vehicle charging piles in 2022 alone. And the future? Brighter than a fully charged battery, with the overseas demand expected to triple in the next decade, clocking in at a jaw-dropping 15.4 billion euros.

So buckle up, folks. The electric revolution is charging ahead, and Injet New Energy is leading the charge, one electrifying pile at a time!

Post time: Feb-22-2024

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