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3 Tips for Electric Cars to Improve Driving Range in Winter.

Not long ago, the northern China had its first snow. Except for the Northeast, most areas of the snow melted immediately, but even so, the gradual decrease in temperature still brought the driving range trouble to the majority of electric car owners, even down jackets, hats, collars, and gloves are fully armed, even without the A/C, and the battery driving range will fall by half; if the A/C is on, the battery driving range will be even more uncertain, especially when the battery runs out on the road, the EV owners, who are looking out the window and watching the owners of gasoline vehicles that have been past may cry in their hearts.

car in snow

If it’s just the battery driving range shrinking, it’s fine. After all, the battery is affected by the outside temperature, and the charging is also slowed. In summer, the convenience of the home charging is gone. Regardless of the unreliable way of replacing the car, what are the reliable tips for improving the battery driving range of our electric cars in winter? Today we will talk about three tips.

Tip 1 : Battery Preheating

Charge the car for a few minutes before driving

charging in snow

 If the engine is the heart of a fuel vehicle, then the battery should be the heart of an electric vehicle. As long as the battery has electricity, even the poorest motor can drive the vehicle.  People who have driven a fuel car know that when the engine water temperature rises in winter, not only does the warm air come quickly, but the car drives more smoothly, and the gear is not jerky. In fact, the same is true for electric vehicles. After the car is parked for one night, the battery temperature is extremely low, which also means that its internal activity is reduced. How to activate it? That is charging, slow charging, so if it’s possible, it is best to charge the car for a few minutes before driving.

If there is no home charging station, the method of heating the battery is similar to a fuel car, which is to move slowly after the start, and wait for the temperature of the coolant in the battery pack to gradually rise to increase the battery temperature. Relatively speaking, this method does not heat up the battery as fast as the slow charging.

Tip 2 : Remains the A/C at a constant temperature

Don't adjust the temperature very frequently

Even if the A/C is turned on, the battery driving range will be shortened, but we need to open A/C in winter. Then the setting of the air conditioner temperature is more important. Generally speaking, it is recommended that you do not adjust the temperature frequently after setting the temperature. Every time you adjust the temperature is the consumption of battery power. Think about the home heating appliances on the market now, their power consumption is really terrible. 


Tip 3 : Quilt Jerseys for Car

Keep your car warm


This is the ultimate tip to improve battery life and the last one!  Fortunately, online shopping is very convenient now, you can buy everything only you can’t imagine, and if you are an electric car owner, then it is strongly recommended that you buy a quilt jersey for your car! It’s better than nothing. The details are shown in the picture: 

But this big trick has a big disadvantage, that is, every time you get home from work and park the car, you have to take out the thick jersey under the curious eyes of everyone, and have Only with the strength of your arms, you can shake it open and cover it on the car. The next morning, you need take off the jersey and fold it up in the cold wind.

Let’s say that, at present, we didn’t find a single car owner who can insist, I hope you will be the one.

Finally, welcome to discuss your tips for warm up the battery.

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Post time: Dec-11-2020

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