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Ampax by Injet New Energy: Redefining EV Charging Speed

The Ampax series of DC EV chargers by Injet New Energy is not just about performance – it’s about pushing the boundaries of what electric vehicle charging can be. These chargers redefine the very notion of power-packed performance, delivering a range of features that make them stand out in the world of EV charging.

Exceptional Output Power: From 60kW to 240kW (Upgradable to 320KW)

When we talk about power, we’re talking about the ability to deliver energy to your electric vehicle quickly and efficiently. The Ampax series excels in this regard, offering an output power that ranges from an impressive 60kW to a staggering 240kW. What does this mean for you as an EV owner or operator?

Let’s break it down:

60kW: Even at the lower end of the spectrum, 60kW is significantly more powerful than many standard charging options. It means you can recharge your EV much faster than you might be used to with typical home charging.

 240kW: Now we’re in a league of our own. At 240kW, Ampax chargers are capable of delivering a massive amount of energy to your vehicle in a short period. This level of power is ideal for situations where time is of the essence, such as long road trips or quick stops between appointments.

But that’s not all. Ampax chargers don’t just stop at 240kW. They are upgradable to a staggering 320KW, making them a future-proof investment for the ever-evolving world of electric vehicles. This means that as EV technology advances, your Ampax charger can keep up with the changing needs of your electric vehicle.

Ampax level 3 DC fast EV charging station

(Ampax level 3 DC fast EV charging station)

Rapid Charging for All EVs: 80% Mileage in Just 30 Minutes

Imagine you’re on a long road trip, and your electric vehicle’s battery is running low. In the past, this might have meant an extended break for charging. Not anymore. Ampax chargers have a unique ability to charge most electric vehicles to 80% of their total mileage within a mere 30 minutes.

Large trucks, which traditionally relied on fossil fuels for their extensive journeys, are transitioning to electric power to reduce emissions and operating costs. Ampax chargers make this transition seamless and efficient. Truck drivers can stop at strategically located charging stations equipped with Ampax chargers along their routes, ensuring they can quickly recharge their vehicles and continue their journeys. This not only saves time but also helps make long-haul trucking more environmentally friendly.

Ampax level 3 DC fast EV charging station in parking lots

(Ampax level 3 DC fast EV charging station in parking lots)

Large electric buses are becoming increasingly popular in public transit systems around the world. With their extensive daily routes, these buses require efficient and quick charging to stay in operation. Ampax chargers are perfectly suited for the needs of public transit systems, where buses must frequently charge to keep passengers moving. By offering 80% charge in just 30 minutes, Ampax chargers ensure minimal downtime for electric buses. Transit agencies can strategically place these chargers at key locations, such as bus depots, central terminals, and transfer stations, to maintain a consistent schedule and reduce the total number of chargers required. This efficiency not only benefits transit agencies but also enhances the overall quality of public transportation.

Ampax series DC EV chargers redefine what it means to have a power-packed performance. With exceptional output power, the ability to upgrade to even higher levels, and the capability to charge most EVs to 80% of their mileage within just 30 minutes, Ampax is setting new standards for the speed, efficiency, and convenience of electric vehicle charging. It’s not just about charging your vehicle; it’s about charging it swiftly and effectively, making electric mobility a reality for everyone.

Post time: Oct-30-2023

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