News - Weeyu sends 1000 AC Charging station to Germany for local operator

Weeyu sends 1000 AC Charging station to Germany for local operator

Recently, Weeyu factory delivered a batch of charging station for German customers. It is understood that the charging station are part of a project, with the first shipment of 1,000 units, model M3W Wall Box custom version. In view of the large order, Weeyu customized a special edition for the customer to help the customer better promote the product in the home market.

M3W Series can be mounted on the the floor-mounted attachment, applicable for outdoor installation like parking lot of office building, hospital, supermarket, Hotel and etc. for commercial EV charging. This Wall-box EV charger is both suitable for residential and commercial use, the max output can reach 22kw to allow fast charge. its compact design can save more place.

Weeyu’s technical and marketing staff believe there is a huge market gap to be filled in Europe. Therefore, new product categories and higher power products are already under development, and UL certification for DC charging station is also in progress. Weeyu is ready to provide more comprehensive and better products for customers who are interested in developing the charging station market.

Post time: Sep-26-2021

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