News - 33 sets of 160 kw smart Flexible Charging Stations are running Successfully

33 Sets of 160 kW Smart Flexible Charging Station are Running Successfully

In December, 2020, 33 sets of 160 kW the new inventive product -Smart Flexible Charging Stations have been running and operating successfully at Chongqing Antlers bay Public Charging Stations.

New Public charging3
New Public charging4

The new inventive technology can distribute the charging power smartly and flexibly according to the actual needs of charging power of the electric cars. Compared to the traditional charging in waiting mode or Equalized Charging mode, it improved the efficiency of the power supply module, and lowered the power consumption. 

Another 5 sets of 180 kW DC charging stations are there for the large electric vehicles area. We are very glad to see there are many electric cars charging at the first time.

New Public charging5
new public charging 2
New Public charging 1

Weiyu Electric, makes the charging stations quite simple to bring more value to our customers, and more convenience and fast charging to the electric car owners.  

Post time: Dec-17-2020

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