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Nayax and Injet New Energy Illuminate London EV Show with Cutting-Edge Charging Solutions

London, November 28-30: The grandeur of the third edition of the London EV Show at the ExCeL Exhibition Center in London captivated global attention as one of the foremost exhibitions in the electric vehicle domain. Injet New Energy, a burgeoning Chinese brand and a prominent name among the top ten domestic charging station enterprises, showcased a range of innovative products including the Sonic series, The Cube series, and residential AC charging piles like the Swift series, drawing significant focus.

London EV show 2023 exhibition

(London EV show)

Partnering Towards a Progressive Future

The spotlight on Injet New Energy’s product, Swift, positioned prominently at Nayax‘s booth, led to a brief interview with Mr. Lewis Zimbler, Operations Director of Nayax Energy, UK. In response to our inquiry about Swift, Mr. Zimbler expressed, “We’ve been using Swift for 2-3 years; it’s cost-effective, reliable, strong, and robust. It’s good for public acceptance and easy to integrate.” When asked about recommending Swift to clients in the future, he added, “I would recommend Swift to all our partners; stability is crucial for both consumers and Charge Point Operators.”

Anticipating Transformative Growth in the UK EV Market

Nayax highlighted the monumental changes occurring in the UK electric vehicle market, projecting rapid growth in the next 5-7 years, following the market’s swift development over the past couple of years. Aligning with the UK government’s “Ten-Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution” released in 2020, the nation aims for 100% zero-emission new vehicles on roads by 2035. The government plans to invest £1.3 billion to expedite the pace of charging infrastructure development, indicating promising market prospects for upstream and downstream industries in the new energy sector. Injet New Energy and Nayax share a common value system, committed to providing cost-effective EV charging solutions while advancing clean energy, contributing to the preservation of the planet’s environment. This collaboration injects new vitality into the UK’s EV market and provides robust support for Injet New Energy’s global expansion.

EV show 2023 with Nayax

(Exhibition site, with Nayax)

Unveiling a New Product Lineup

The London Electric Vehicle Show stands as one of Europe’s most significant international exhibitions for new energy vehicles and charging facilities, attracting leading global manufacturers in the new energy sector. Injet New Energy showcased the Sonic series, The Cube series, and the highly acclaimed Swift series of charging piles tailored for the European market in terms of design, performance, and authoritative certifications, attracting a continuous stream of visitors.


(Swift from Injet New Energy)

The Swift series, praised highly by Nayax, boasts a 4.3-inch LCD screen for clear charging progress visibility, full control via app or RFID card, enabling intelligent charging experiences at home or remotely. Its wallbox and pedestal configurations make it an ideal choice for residential and commercial purposes, supporting load balancing and solar charging functions, alongside IP65-grade protection against water and dust.

Injet New Energy’s extensive experience in the European market has led to the development of multiple charging piles adhering to stringent European standards. The products have received certification from European authoritative bodies. The company focuses on providing customized product services, meeting customers’ personalized needs in appearance and functionality to expedite its European market expansion. With the global automotive industry accelerating its transition, the company pledges increased R&D investment, exploring more new energy technologies and solutions, contributing significantly to global sustainable development.

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