News - Chairman of Weeyu, receiving Alibaba International Station interview

Chairman of Weeyu, receiving Alibaba International Station interview


We are in the field of industrial power, thirty years of hard work. I can say Weeyu has accompanied and witnessed the growth of industrial manufacturing in China. It has also experienced the ups and downs of economic development.

I used to be a technician. I started my business from a large state-owned enterprise in 1992, start my own business from scratch. My business partner is an engineer in a large state-owned enterprise.We have a dream, egan our hard work.


Industrial power supplies are the core components for all areas of industry.So for the last 30 years we've been investing in this area, as the Chinese industry has grown, like the photovoltaic industry that developed in 2005.We do is the core components of photovoltaic core equipment, now we provide about 70 percent of the power supply equipment in the silicon manufacturing sector in the country.


Based on our experience in the field of industrial power, and seeing the future of the new energy industry, we explored the new business of producing charging piles.

We found a lot of wiring and components in the traditional charging stations, with nearly 600 contacts traditional process is very complicated both in assembly and later operation and maintenance,and the manufacturing cost is high. After several years of research and development, in 2019 Weeyu was the first in the industry to launch an integrated power controller.

IPC integrates the core components together, reducing the total number of connections by two-thirds, it makes charging pile production very efficient, very simple assembly, and very convenient maintenance. This innovative launch is also a sensation in the industry, and we have also applied for the PCT German patent.

Weeyu is currently the only company in the world that can produce IPC structure charging stations. Later, in the face of the global market, we found that overseas professional labor is expensive and the supply of parts is uncertain.This change can help overseas customers to promote the application of charging piles more easily.


The charging station industry is a new market.


Through our continuous optimization and innovation of products and the ultimate service, we can help our partners to gain more market share. We have a client from The Dominican Republic at the International station, Rafael.It came to us in 2020, the first year of our international station. We have been in communication with Rafael for over a year, and we didn't sign the contract until 2021.



Because he is a second-time entrepreneur, previously engaged in offline retail industry recession, leading the team to enter the charging pile industry. He has rich c-end sales experience and channels, but it belongs to market type rather than a professional customer. He never had a software engineer, and the local market demand is changing. Even after the first 5,000 charging stations had passed sample tests, and were ready for mass production. He is also proposing changes to the shape and color of the product.


In fact, do not underestimate a shape change, it will involve charging internal wiring, and the original PCB and other parts can not be installed, including for tropical countries, color changes may involve a reassessment of heat dissipation. This change is no small challenge for hardware engineers and structural engineers to deal with quickly. Our engineers are not only professional but also responsive.


The internal and external structure of the product was redesigned within two weeks, without wasting the original materials. Won the trust of customers, Dominica uses Spanish, so customers can't read the product instructions. Salesmen provide continuous technical services for this purpose. Plus the time difference, it's often in the wee hours of the morning or 4 or 5 in the morning to help clients solve problems. Rafael charging station sales are very good, the local C-end customer satisfaction is very high. The result was beyond Rafael's expectations, this led to the success of his second venture, and helped build the local charging pile market.


Of course, the competitive landscape in the field of charging station is completely different from the industrial power supply we did originally.


The competition is very fierce.


Our second venture was not all plain sailing. But entrepreneurship is about trying new things. After all these years, the spirit we've been riding all this way. We should solve problems in development from the perspective of development, ensure customer delivery with artisan spirit

Although a lot of people would say the window is only a few years. But do things quickly,not in haste.Still want to step by step. To enhance the strength, run the enterprise with the mentality. Enterprises only rely on standardized production and quality management system. In order to truly become bigger and stronger, now we have 25% of our r&d staff. Can quickly respond to customer needs, and can complete customized production. There are also more mature integrated processes.


We have opened the way for enterprises to go to sea in the international station. We found the path very wide, Weeyu started in western China but our future journey will be global. Like Weeyu's name, the blue planet, is vast and universal.


Through technological innovation and our Chinese engineer's extreme service spirit. Weeyu will continue to work in the vertical sector, I hope Weeyu can bring more green to the world and make the world more beautiful.


Post time: Jul-19-2022

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