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Meet in September, INJET will participate in the 6th Shenzhen International Charging Pile and Battery Swapping Station Exhibition 2023

INJET will attend The 6th Shenzhen International Charging Pile and Battery Swapping Station Exhibition 2023. 2023 The 6th Shenzhen International Charging Station (Pile) Technology and Equipment Exhibition was held on September 6-8, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, the total scale of the exhibition is expected to be more than 50,000 square meters, exhibitors are expected to be more than 800, the audience is expected to be more than 35,000 professional audience to visit.

Charging and switching facilities is the infrastructure of new energy vehicles “14th Five-Year Plan” during the three key tasks, and actively promote the unit and residential and high-speed charging and switching infrastructure, optimize the charging and switching facilities system, and promote the development of new energy vehicle industry, as a charging and switching exchange of an important platform for the industry’s leading charging and switching exhibition CPSE The 6th Shenzhen International Charging Pile and Battery Swapping Station Exhibition 2023. CPSE Shenzhen is the industry’s leading charging and switching exhibition, and has been praised by many domestic and foreign suppliers and buyers, so far has become the world’s leading exhibition scale and influence, CPSE Shenzhen charging and switching exhibition on the development of China’s charging and switching industry has played a positive role in promoting the development of the industry has become the industry exchanges, learning, purchasing indispensable platform, the organizers of the’ New Technology, New Products, New Operation” as the theme, actively prepare for CPSE Shenzhen Charging & Switching Exhibition, and actively help enterprises to find new business opportunities, new development, while the exhibition will be actively organized by the exhibition with the Charging & Switching Industry Chain General Assembly, to promote the development of enterprise exchanges and cooperation.

INJET New Energy was born basing on years of power supply and charging solutions experience. Our specialized technical team is always working on the latest renewable energy product including EV charger, energy storage, solar inverter to meet different market demands. INJET has been committed to the world’s energy revolution, constantly thinking, improving and greening the world.
In this exhibition, INJET will display a variety of new EV charger products, bringing solutions for multi-application charging integration scenarios. We sincerely welcome all customers and friends to visit our booth 2A105 and discuss the most cutting-edge product technology and industry development opportunities with us.

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Display range:

● Intelligent charging solutions: EV charging station, charging machines, two-wheeled charging piles, power exchange cabinets, power exchange stations, charging bows, wireless charging and so on;

● Vehicle power supply, vehicle charger, motor, electric control, capacitor, photovoltaic, energy storage battery and battery management system, etc;

● EV charger and supporting components: charging module, power module, charging pile shell (SMC material/sheet metal/plastic), PCB board, TCU (billing unit), charging gun, display, relay, chip, heat-conducting silicone material, three-proof paint, touch screen, connector, cable, wiring harness, fuse, fuse, power switch, smart meter, charging software system, heat dissipation fan, testing equipment ( Charging test, aging test, insulation test module, communication module, lightning protection setup, charging post canopy, charging post monitoring, charging post advertisement screen, etc;

● Solutions for ancillary facilities: inverters, transformers, charging cabinets, distribution cabinets, filtering equipment, high and low voltage protection equipment, converters, charging post security (fire extinguishing devices), charging post insurance, etc;

● Charging facility construction and operation solutions: charging station construction, operators and operation and maintenance providers;

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