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London EV Show 2023: Spearheading Green Mobility and Pioneering Market Growth

London, November 28th – The London EV Show 2023 commenced with immense fanfare at the ExCeL London exhibition center, encapsulating the spirit of “Driving Global Low-Carbon and Green Travel.” Amongst the plethora of innovative exhibitors, Injet New Energy emerged prominently at the EP40 booth, unveiling a diverse portfolio of European standard charging stations and cutting-edge integrated solutions, initiating a multi-day exploration dubbed the “Britannic Journey.”

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This esteemed exhibition stands tall as Europe’s foremost international platform dedicated to new energy vehicles and charging infrastructure. Injet New Energy seized this opportunity to showcase their meticulously crafted charging stations, including the sophisticated Sonic series, The Cube series, and the versatile Swift series, all finely tailored to align seamlessly with the unique demands of the discerning European market. Attendees were spellbound by the products’ exquisite design, impeccable performance, and authoritative certifications, ensuring a steady influx of intrigued visitors.

Europe, under the leadership of the United Kingdom, is swiftly ramping up efforts in the realm of new energy infrastructure. The UK government’s visionary “Ten-Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution,” unveiled in 2020, sets an ambitious goal of achieving 100% zero-emission new car sales by 2035. In a complementary move, a substantial investment of £1.3 billion has been earmarked to expedite the proliferation of charging infrastructure, painting a promising landscape for both upstream and downstream sectors within the burgeoning new energy industry.

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With an extensive legacy in the European market, Injet New Energy has been steadfast in adhering to the exacting standards stipulated by European markets throughout the developmental lifecycle of their multiple charging stations. Notably, these products have received commendable certifications from esteemed European regulatory bodies. Furthermore, the company’s strategic focus on providing tailored, customizable services has positioned them as pioneers in meeting the personalized demands of customers, spanning facets of appearance, functionality, and beyond, thus solidifying their stronghold in the European market.

As the global automotive industry embarks on an accelerated transformative journey, Injet New Energy reiterates its unwavering commitment to amplifying investments in research and development. This steadfast dedication is aimed at unlocking further frontiers in new energy technologies and solutions. By doing so, the company is steadfast in its resolve to contribute significantly to the pursuit of global sustainable development.

Post time: Dec-07-2023

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