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Injet New Energy Triumphs at CPSE 2024 with new charging solution

The 2024 CPSE Shanghai Charging and Battery Swap Exhibition concluded on May 24th with resounding applause and acclaim. As a pioneer in the research, development, and manufacturing of charging piles, energy storage systems, and core components, Injet New Energy made a dazzling appearance, showcasing its latest technological achievements in charging piles, energy storage systems, and core components during a three-day green technology exhibition.

Injet New Energy’s booth became a hotspot for technical exchanges, witnessing countless sparks of inspiration and the budding of collaborations. Each visit and in-depth discussion from customers and peers served as a high recognition of Injet New Energy’s innovative achievements.

The booth attracted a constant stream of visitors, with Injet Ampax, the company’s flagship integrated DC charging pile, becoming the focus of attention. Its revolutionary modular design and efficient performance received high praise. The patented Programmable Power Controller within the Injet Ampax simplifies the composition of charging piles, improves production efficiency, saves labor costs, and enhances equipment operational stability.

Shanghai International Charging Pile andBattery Swapping Station Exhibition

Additionally, the mobile charging and storage vehicle and multimedia DC charging pile, with their unique design concepts, won the favor of customers and industry peers alike. These products not only showcased the company’s forward-thinking layout in the new energy infrastructure field but also highlighted our commitment to providing more convenient and intelligent charging solutions. The successful display of these products added new highlights to the company’s brand image.

During the exhibition, the 10th China International Electric Vehicle Charging and Battery Swap Industry Conference and Awards Ceremony (referred to as the “BRICS Charging and Battery Swap Forum”) was held simultaneously. Injet New Energy was honored with the title of “Top 10 Excellent Supplier Brands in China’s Charging and Battery Swap Industry 2024.”

Shanghai International Charging Pile and Battery Swapping Station Exhibition

Looking ahead, Injet New Energy will steadfastly follow the path of innovation, deepen the breadth and depth of technological exploration, continuously optimize its service system, and respond actively to challenges with an inclusive and forward-looking vision, seizing development opportunities firmly.

Post time: May-27-2024

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