News - Injet Electric's revenue in 2021 reached a record high, and the full orders helped accelerate the performance

Injet Electric’s revenue in 2021 reached a record high, and the full orders helped accelerate the performance

A few days ago, Injet electric announced 2021 annual report, to investors to hand over a bright report card. In 2021, the company’s revenue and net profit both hit record highs, benefiting from the performance of high growth logic under the downstream expansion, which is gradually being realized.


As a science and technology enterprise, Injet Electric has always been adhering to r&d and innovation, driving the endogenous growth of the enterprise, and constantly digging the value of the whole industrial chain. At present, the photovoltaic and new energy industries with high prosperity are in the outbreak period. Yingjie Electric has sufficient orders in hand by releasing production capacity.

Injet Electric is one of the enterprises with strong strength and competitiveness in the field of comprehensive industrial power research and development and manufacturing in China, mainly focusing on the application of power electronics technology in various industrial fields, engaged in the R&D, production and sales of industrial power equipment represented by power control power supply and special power supply.

In 2021, Injet Electric achieved significant growth in both revenue and net profit. During the reporting period, the company achieved operating revenue of 660 million yuan, up 56.87% year on year, net profit attributable to the parent company was 157 million yuan, up 50.6% year on year, non-deduction net profit was 144 million yuan, up 50.94% year on year. Basic earnings per share of 1.65 yuan, up 46.02% year on year.

Performance high growth behind, and Injet electric’s core business growth is inseparable. The company’s sales revenue from photovoltaic industry was 359 million yuan, up 42.81% year on year, accounting for 49.66% of the revenue. The sales revenue from semiconductor and other electronic materials industry was 70.6757 million yuan, up 74.66% year on year, and the sales revenue from charging pile industry was 38.0524 million yuan, up 324.87% year on year.

Zheshang Securities on April 26 released a research report, Injet Electric photovoltaic semiconductor, charging pile order volume, benefit from the improvement of prosperity, layout of the above areas to open new space for growth, maintain yingjie electric “buy” rating.


Charging pile business is going well and is expected to become the company’s third largest performance support

Business Background: From 2016 to 2017, the company set up two wholly-owned subsidiaries (Weeyu Electric and Chenran Technology) respectively, and developed charging pile products with independent intellectual property rights based on its advantages of industrial power technology platform, thus entering the new energy charging pile industry. In 2020-2021, Weeyu Electric won the National Innovation Gold Medal in the field of charging pile twice, and won the 2020 Top Ten Emerging Brands award in China charging pile industry, and its brand awareness and influence continue to improve.

Charging pile business is expected to become the company’s third largest growth performance support. In 2021, the charging pile business of the company will grow rapidly, and the revenue has reached more than 40 million yuan (less than 10 million yuan in 2020). The new orders signed by the company will achieve multiple times of growth.

From January to February 2022, the charging pile business of the company has begun to contribute profits and break the break-even point for the company’s overall operation. The charging pile market (equipment, and operation) is several times that of photovoltaic and semiconductor power supply markets, and if it goes well, it is expected to open the third pole of growth for the company.

Competitive advantage: technology research and development, channel development, and integrated service support.


1) R&D advantage: Based on the platform advantage of its own industrial power supply technology, the company has increased research and development, and has obtained a number of patents, ISO9001, CE certificates. On January 27, 2021, the company obtained the German patent for programmable charging pile power controller, and other international patents are in the process of certification.

2) Channel advantage: both domestic and foreign markets have layout.

Domestic: The company has signed strategic cooperation agreements with Shu Dao Group (by the end of 2021, Shu Dao Group has 321 ying expressway service areas (including parking areas), accounting for about 80% of Sichuan province), and its products have covered more than 50 expressway service areas in sichuan province. At the same time, the company orderly promote business negotiations with Chengdu Communications, Chongqing Communications, Yunnan Energy Investment, Chengdu City investment, is expected to gradually increase volume after the implementation of the future.

Overseas: The company has promoted new energy charging pile products in the United States and the Philippines, and successfully opened the overseas market, with a large number of orders from overseas.

Charging pile business at home and abroad is expected to improve synchronously.

3) Integrated service support: The company has integrated solution capability from self-research, production testing, and promotion and after-sales service. The company provides pre-sales consultation to help quickly sort out the needs to provide solutions, 24h*7d, remote telephone service, within one hour to provide solutions, within 48 hours to provide on-site services, and actively carry out training and return visit, better grasp the needs of customers change.

Weeyu electric has developed and manufactured charging piles for new energy vehicles, and has authorized more than 60 patents. The integrated power controller of charging pile developed by Weeyu Electric provides an efficient solution for the operation and maintenance of long-distance dispersed charging stations. The AC charging pile developed by Weeyu Electric is the first AC charging pile product that has passed UL certification in The United States in China.

The charging issue is considered to be the “last mile” of the EV industry’s promotion, which is crucial to the promotion and development of electric vehicles. It is estimated that in 2025, the global charging pile equipment market space is expected to reach 196.3 billion yuan, and the Chinese charging pile market space is expected to reach nearly 100 billion yuan, several times the market space of photovoltaic and semiconductor power supply. With the advantages of its own industrial power technology platform, the company has developed charging pile products with independent intellectual property rights and entered the new energy charging pile industry. It is estimated that the company’s charging pile business revenue will increase by 150% year-on-year from 2021 to 2023.

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