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M4E DC fast Charging Station

I charge the GB/T standard electric vehicles worldwide, to supply the fast charging to all the drivers of the electric vehicles.I can output  30kw to 180 kw, enable quickly connect your EV to a charger in seconds, charge to 80% or more in about 30 minutes.


Various protection can effectually avoid any accident, ensure the safe and reliable performance


Multiple modules output in parallel, flexible configuration and easy maintenance

Wide range

Wide range voltage output from 200V-750V, adjustable, compatible various charging voltage requirement of EV battery


Costumer can customized some features including the color, logo, functions , casing etc.


  • Safe to charge

    Shockproof, over-temp protection, short circuit protection, over and under voltage protection, over load protection, ground protection, surge protection

  • Smart to charge

    Simple operation system, easy to understand. It built to support software to remotely control the charging.

  • Compatible with all EVs

    It's built to be compatible with all the EVs with the GB/T plug connectors.


  • Parking Lot

    Attract drivers who park longer and are willing to pay to charge. Provide convenient charge to EV drivers to max your ROI easily.

  • Retail &Hospitality

    Generate new revenue and attract new guests by making your location an EV rest stop. Boost your brand and show off your sustainable side.

  • Highway charging station

    Fast charging solves driving range anxiety , and enable the EV drivers to drive long and far.

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