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Injet Mini series EV Charging Stations Wall box

This Wall-box EV charger is designed for residential use, the max output can reach 22 kw to allow fast charge. its compact design can save more place.  This AC EV Charging Stations Injet Mini Series also can be mounted on the the floor-mounted attachment, applicable for outdoor installation at your house.

Input Voltage: 230V/400V
Max. Rated Current: 16A/32A
Output Power: 7kW/ 11kW /22kW

Operating Temp.: -35 ℃ to + 50 ℃
Storage Temp.: -40 ℃ to + 60 ℃
Connector: Type 2

Dimensions: 180*180*65 mm
Certificates: SUD TUV CE(LVD, EMC, RoHS),CE-RED

Communication: Bluetooth
Control: Plug& Play, RFID cards
IP Protection: IP65




  • Easy to install

    Only need to fix with bolts and nuts, and connect the electric wiring according to the manual book.

  • Simple to charge

    Plug & Charge, or Swapping card to charge, or controlled by App, it depends on your choice.

  • Compatible with all

    It's built to be compatible with all the EVs with the type 2 plug connectors. Type 1 is also available with this model


  • home

    It is designed to be installed in a private parking space or garage and can be recharged when eating at home or leaving work

  • Workplace

    Provide the charging stations can encourage the employees to drive electric. Set station access for only employees or offer it to the public.

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