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43 KW Portable Charging Stations

I’m built to support most of European electric vehicles with the plug  connector IEC 62195-2 (Type 2), 3 phases/43 kw can charge the EV very fast.

Portable design, I can go anywhere with you.


Shockproof, over-temp protection, short circuit protection, over and under voltage protection, over load protection, ground protection, surge protection.


Portable Design can be taken anywhere you want .43 kw fast charge.


  • Convenient to Charge

    Easy to take to anywhere you want

  • Simple to Charge

    Plug & charge, easy and simple for every EV drivers.

  • Compatible with all EVs

    It's built to be compatible with all the EVs with the Type 2 plug connectors.


  • Parking Lot

    You can charge at the parking lot with the plug socket for electric cars.

  • Home

    You can enjoy fast charging your EV at home with this portable charger

  • Workplace

    You can charge at workplace if there are plug sockets

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