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43 KW Portable Charging Stations

I’m built to support most of European electric vehicles with the plug  connector IEC 62195-2 (Type 2), 3 phases/43 kw can charge the EV very fast.

Portable design, I can go anywhere with you.


Shockproof, over-temp protection, short circuit protection, over and under voltage protection, over load protection, ground protection, surge protection.


Portable Design can be taken anywhere you want .43 kw fast charge.

Technical Parameters

  • Charging Capacity

    43 kW

  • Power Input Rating

    3 phases, 380V ±15%, 63A

  • Output Plug Connector

    IEC 62196-2 (Type 2)

  • Operating Temperature

    - 30 to 55 ℃ (-22 to 131 ℉) ambient

  • Protection Ratings

    IP 54

  • RCD

    Type A or Type B

  • Weight & Dimension

    350*175*200mm/ 20kg

  • Charging Cable Length

    5m or customized length


  • Convenient to Charge

    Easy to take to anywhere you want

  • Simple to Charge

    Plug & charge, easy and simple for every EV drivers.

  • Compatible with all EVs

    It's built to be compatible with all the EVs with the Type 2 plug connectors.


  • Parking Lot

    You can charge at the parking lot with the plug socket for electric cars.

  • Home

    You can enjoy fast charging your EV at home with this portable charger

  • Workplace

    You can charge at workplace if there are plug sockets

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